KinnairdClan Davidson (V H Young & L A Sawyer Collection)

KinnairdClan Matheson (V H Young & L A Sawyer Collection)

Information received to date indicates that Clan Line had as many as five cadet training ships: Clan Davidson, Clan Malcolm, Clan Matheson, Clan Menzies and Clan Sutherland. Apparently, they each carried 12 deck cadets as well as a dedicated Cadet Training Officer. Cadets would spend two trips (totalling approximately 6 to 9 months) on one of these cadet training ships before joining another ship of the fleet.

Nevertheless, it would appear that these cadet training ships also carried a normal complement of ordinary seamen; if so, they would not meet the cadet training ship criteria specified for this web site.

Further information on this Company and its cadet training operation would be most welcome.

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